Stop Using Counterfeit Apple Adapter – They Are Dangerous

Magsafe Adapter Tester DeviceFake adapters at cheap rates have become prevalent on different online seller sites. What is bothersome is that 90% of Apple cables and adapters on online sites are found be to counterfeited. If you wonder what makes fake products popular, then let you know that fake products are quite cheaper. But they can cost you your life, your home or the life of your dear one. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Hence, it is important that after buying an Apple adapter online, you test your Apple Adapter in order to make sure that you get an original item.

Dangers and risks posed by the fake products

Counterfeit adapters might overheat the chargers, result in electric shocks and also catch fire.
Non-sleeved cables and plugs expose the operator to the risk of shock that can cause injuries and also death. So, it is always suggested to use the Apple adapter Tester so that you can get to know whether you get the genuine item or not.

How to identify a counterfeit phone adapter?

An authentic Apple adapter has the logo of their company. Apple’s iPhone charger has two parts – a lighting cable and a power adapter. This original item comes with a great price. It is possibly the rate that some users are oftentimes tempted to buy low-cost option. Apart from using a tester in order to Test Magsafe Adapter and test Magsafe connector, there are some other ways using which you can identify the real charger from a counterfeit one.

  • Product’s weight

An original Apple charger would be a bit heavier than its counterfeit cousin as it has more elements.

  • Safety mark

The original adapter has a safety mark right on its underside between the two bottom pins that you plug on your wall socket. Though this safety mark can be forged easily. However, there is a difference: the text on fake adapters are dark grey while the text is light grey on genuine Apple chargers.

  • User manual

The original Apple adapter comes with numerous important instructions. These include details on electrical safety as well as directions on exactly how to use the adapter safely. If these are missing, you might be dealing with a counterfeit one.

So, it is always better to use Magsafe Adapter tester device to test Magsafe adapter with Arduino.


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